Printer Lock Station


Monitor printer costs in the workplace


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In larger companies, it is fairly common that at least one employee will be taking advantage of the office printer to print non-work related documents.

For this reason, an application is useful to help you keep better control of the daily use of the printer and get to know the cost of each printout.

Printer Lock Station allows you to monitor, detect and correct the expenses generated by the printer thanks to its excellent management functions. The program is compatible with any printer and can be used both either the server on which the hardware is installed, or a remote computer.

The application also allows you to block a printer in case there is more than one functioning at the same time by filtering unauthorized or authorized printers. Another function limits the number of copies that a particular user can make from a single computer.

Moreover, Printer Lock Station includes full usage reports that can be filtered by user, number of visits or date.

Full demo version works for 30 days.

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